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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cheap spy equipment - Wireless hardware keylogger

The WIRELESS KEYLOGGER is a tiny plug-in device that records every keystroke typed on any PC. It can then be accessed wirelessly to obtain the recorded data. The WIRELESS KEYLOGGER combines the stealth aspect of a hardware keylogger and the remote monitoring ability of a software keylogger into one great device.
It cannot be detected by any kind of software!

cheap spy equipment

"Think you don't need a Wireless Hardware Keylogger?"
Consider this:
"In a recent study conducted it was found that an average employee spends 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activities (surfing porn, gambling, shopping, or even unwittingly giving out company secrets). This on average translates into an annual loss of $6250 per employee per year. To catch a tech savvy employee engaging in such activities can be a daunting task, as it is quite simple for him/her to disable and re-enable a software keylogger from time to time. What an employer needs is a hardware solution that the employee cannot disable and which he/she can access remotely without disrupting the employee's work. "

  • Plug & Record Wireless Keylogger installs in seconds.
  • Will record every keystroke, independent of the systems access level.
  • Record on one PC & retrieve data on another PC / Laptop or Phone from a remote location.
  • No software needs to be installed on the target PC.
  • Operating system independent - works on any desktop computer.
  • Can't be detected or disabled by any anti-spyware or anti-virus programs.
  • Not effected by firewalls
  • Uses no system or network resources.
  • Will not interfere with any software application.
  • Will not be detected as a new device by the Operating system. (No popup message)
  • Stored data is password protected.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mobile Phone Bluetooth Spy Software

Cheap spy equipment - Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software - cheap spy equipment

This spy software enables you to connect to other mobile phones without the owner knowing a thing.

You can also:

• Set the target phone to call you whenever it makes or receives a call
• View contacts list
• Read text messages (sms)
• View calls made / calls recieved
• View photos
• Many more functions

This software will work on any Bluetooth enabled Phone - Nokia, Blackberry,Samsung, Ericsson, Motorola, absolutely all of them. This product does not depend upon country or mobile network. It works anywhere in the world!
The Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software allows you to set the options to ring your phone when they make or receives a call... and they will have no idea you are listening in from your own mobile. NOTHING is logged, you leave absolutely NO TRACE of your spying activities!

In 5 minutes you can be checking any phone you want. Download takes about 10 seconds and installation onto your phone takes about 1 or 2 minutes. And instantly you will be reading your wife's SMS/text messages, listening to your kid's phone conversation, even knowing what your boss or your neighbor is saying. All of this is done in stealth mode. And this works on ALL phones.. This will work in all countries, on all networks.

Over 2 Million customers, world-wide are using this Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software right now !!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

USB Cable + UHF transmitter in one

USB Cable + UHF transmitter in one. Cheap spy equipment. This cable has a it has a UHF transmitter built in
It looks just like any other cable which can be plugged into a USB port for any kind of hardware connection. But this USB cable is also a UHF transmitter, so it does double duty. A super sensitive microphone can also be found in there allowing the cable to be used for recording conversations and listening in from a 200 - 500 meter range.

Gain control is handled automatically which allows you to hear things from the microphone when it’s up to 40 feet away from the subject. With it being USB and connected to a USB port the cable requires no extra power. The cable is 6 feet long and works in the 433-434 MHz range.

The cable connects to any USB 1.1 or 2.0 interface and simply works out of the box.

USB Cable Transmitter Features

* USB cable works and looks as usual.
* Nothing unusual can be found.
* Powered by a USB port, no battery required for the transmitter.
* Only one end of the cable needs to be plugged to provide power.
* Extremely sensitive built-in microphone.
* Automatic microphone gain control.
* Crystal frequency control.

USB Cable Transmitter Technical data

Lengh: 1.8 meter (6 feet)
Interface: USB 2.0 , USB 1.1
Range: 500 meters (1700 feet) in open field
200 meters (700 feet) in a city
Power requirement: USB port
Output power: 20 mW
Frequency: 433 - 434 MHz (300 - 434 MHz on demand)
Modulation type: NFM
Operating temperature: -20 to +60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Long distance LASER microphone

Cheap Spy Equipment - A laser microphone is a surveillance device that uses a laser beam to detect sound vibrations in a distant object

For use in situations where secret surveillance is absolutely necessary and the operator is not able to enter the target room in order to place a transmitter.

This system allows the operator to carry out an undetectable surveillance operation from outside the building with a line of sight range of between 25 and 650 meters (dependant on prevailing conditions).

The system consists of three parts: Laser Transmitter | Laser Receiver | Amplifier Unit with Audio-Recorder. This system is operated by transmitting an invisible IR-beam to the window of the target room. The window pane vibrates slightly, due to sound waves emanating from speech. The beam is reflected from the window pane according to the law of optics, ie. the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. The receiver picks up the reflected beam that is modulated by the window pane vibrations, and the optical signals are automatically converted into electronic signals. The picked up speech is now filtered, amplified and recorded. Both the transmitter and the receiver are built into standard single lens reflex cameras, allowing for perfect concealment. The complete system is supplied in a camera case incorporating amplifier, filters, recorder, 2 tripods (packed separately) power unit, head-phones, search tone and all cables.

cheap spy laser microphone, shotgun
The system monitors and records sound wave vibrations which reflect off smooth-surface glass (single or double glass thermopane). The transmitter laser's angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection to the receiver. Rippled, grained, etched or multi-laminated glass will not provide a suitable reflecting surface from which to record.

Acoustic interference caused by interior and exterior sound wave reflections may be filtered and modulated by the system. The transmission may be fine-tuned by means of a modulated search tone or by adjusting the placement of the receiver. Tape recordings may be further edited at the user's option.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Spy Cam records video onto a Micro SD Card

cheap spy equipmnet spy cam records video and sound on Micro SD Card

With a record time of up to four hours per charge, this Spy Cam records 3GP video files onto a Micro SD Card that can be played back on a computer or mobile phone. Colour video and voice recording lets you clearly see who's there and what they're saying. Up to 33 hours of video can be recorded on a 1Gb Micro SD card. Internal rechargeable battery is recharged via USB connection. Records for over 2 hours on a single charge

This cheap spy equipment is small enough to conceal in almost any location. You could put it inside a pack of chewing gum or cigarettes and it'll quietly record everything that's going on in its line of sight. Even if you simply placed it somewhere unobtrusive, chances are it wouldn't even be noticed!

The Spy Cam is a great alternative to conventional CCTV for the times when you don't want people to know they're on camera. Self-contained, and with no cables to hide, it's perfect for all sorts of covert surveillance and ideal for journalists, private investigators, or businesses that want to keep an eye on the cash register if the figures don't add up and they suspect someone of being light-fingered.

Spy Cam has other uses too. Perhaps you've hired a nanny or babysitter and want to make sure that they're doing their job properly. A discreet recording would be a good way to know whether you can trust them to look after your family. It's also ideal for wildlife enthusiasts who want to film a rare animal or bird with the minimum disturbance, for example.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Laptop Hardware Keylogger, is it possible ?

After the article about the hardware keylogger , I have been asked many times "Is there a way to install a hardware-based keylogger in a laptop?"

Answer : It is definitely possible to install a hardware keylogger inside a laptop
And here is it - Mini-PCI Laptop Hardware Keylogger

cheap spy equipment - hardware keystroke logger - keylogger

The keylogger card records all typing on a laptop keyboard, plugs into the Mini-PCI slot of a laptop computer, and stores captured keystrokes on the onboard 256 MB MicroSD card. The card is 100% passive, requires no drivers, is undetectable by any software running on the laptop and operates from the moment it is plugged in. As the card is completely invisible to the Operating System (OS) it does not slow the computer down or drain system resources.

The card is located inside the case of the laptop, plugged into the Mini-PCI slot of the laptop motherboard.

- Works on any modern laptop, notebook or Desktop computer.
- Just plug-in to your PCI / MPCI / Mini-PCI slot on your PC.
- 2,000,000 keystroke memory capacity (approx 1 year worth of typing).
- Time and Date stamping on stored keystrokes.
- Quick and easy to use. Installs in seconds.
- Impossible to detect with software scanners.
- All stored keystrokes are securely encrypted with 128-bit encryption.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hardware keystroke logger and USB flash in one

usb hardware keystroke recorder logger
cheap spy equipment of the week - usb hardware keystroke logger
Flash keyloggers are dual-function: hardware key logger and USB
flash disk for instant data retrieve. Plug & Play, no drivers required. Up to 2 Gigabytes of internal memory! It's cheap and very useful spy equipment!!!

This keystroke recorder has up to 2 Gigabytes memory capacity, organized into an advanced flash FAT file system. Super fast data retrieve is achieved by switching into Flash Drive mode for download. Completely transparent for computer operation, no software or drivers required. Supports national keyboard layouts.

Hardware keystroke logger benefits
• Monitor acceptable internet usage
• Monitor employee productivity
• Detect unauthorized access attempts
• Backup typed text
• Collect computer usage statistics
• Monitor your family's computer activity
• Protect your child from on-line hazards and predators
• Observe WWW, E-mail, and chat usage
• Save a copy of written documents
• Monitor remote computers
• Retrieve unknown passwords, operating system independent
• Collect computer related evidence
• Detect unauthorized use of computer equipment

Installation of the hardware USB keylogger in record mode is quick and easy. Simply plug it in between the USB keyboard and the USB port. No software or drivers are required. The USB keylogger will automatically start recording all data typed on the keyboard to the internal flash disk.

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