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Monday, November 20, 2006

GSM base jammer (anti spy equipment)

The GSM base Jammer is a state of the art GSM jamming unit that is able to continually jamm GSM & mobile phone transmissions with out the need to be switched off for charging. This Base unit GSM jammer will provide no phone zone to any cell phone or GSM device within its perimeter, the unit has a heat sink surrounding it to dissipate any heat generated by long term use, it is ideal for a variety of applications and will secure any area from GSM or cell based spy equipment. The unit can also be used for a variety of applications outside of security, It could be used in a working environment where employees where restricted from using personal mobile phones in work time, simply switch it on and of as required. The base jammer is a very powerful system for long term operation and will not become unstable under heat conditions. The unit is very comprehensive and reliable; it is designed to be used in a static location possible a room or venue. There have been clients who have purchased this unit and stepped up the power in their car from 12v to 210v ac with a transducer readily available from any good car accessory centre, this renders the unit as an excellent mobile jamming unit, ideal for disabling any GSM tracking device etc.


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