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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Laptop Hardware Keylogger, is it possible ?

After the article about the hardware keylogger , I have been asked many times "Is there a way to install a hardware-based keylogger in a laptop?"

Answer : It is definitely possible to install a hardware keylogger inside a laptop
And here is it - Mini-PCI Laptop Hardware Keylogger

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The keylogger card records all typing on a laptop keyboard, plugs into the Mini-PCI slot of a laptop computer, and stores captured keystrokes on the onboard 256 MB MicroSD card. The card is 100% passive, requires no drivers, is undetectable by any software running on the laptop and operates from the moment it is plugged in. As the card is completely invisible to the Operating System (OS) it does not slow the computer down or drain system resources.

The card is located inside the case of the laptop, plugged into the Mini-PCI slot of the laptop motherboard.

- Works on any modern laptop, notebook or Desktop computer.
- Just plug-in to your PCI / MPCI / Mini-PCI slot on your PC.
- 2,000,000 keystroke memory capacity (approx 1 year worth of typing).
- Time and Date stamping on stored keystrokes.
- Quick and easy to use. Installs in seconds.
- Impossible to detect with software scanners.
- All stored keystrokes are securely encrypted with 128-bit encryption.


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