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Friday, November 24, 2006

The easiest to maintain security camera

light bulb spy equipment
Its a great idea for spy camera
If you want a really neat and stealthy spy equipment to get home surveillance with minimal effort and no additional wires, this gadget could be for you. The Light Bulb Hidden Camera is an amazing little camera which is hidden inside a fake floodlight for easy and sneaky surveillance.
It’s very easy to install and works with any light bulb socket. Whether it is indoor or outdoor you simply screw it into the light socket and it can send the recorded video through your home’s wiring system to the receiving device such as a TV or VCR.
This is the easiest to maintain security camera I’ve ever seen since it is connected directly to your power supply so there’s no need for batteries and it doesn’t have to run wirelessly or require additional wires to send its video. You don’t even need to change your wiring system as it comes with a special decoder to receive the video and is then outputted as standard analog data which can be carried through RCA cables to your recording or viewing medium.
It’s also a great spy security camera for outdoor use since it looks just like a regular flood light, but also because it has night vision to let you catch prowlers at night. Since it's a light bulb, it'll always be light enough to get good spy shots on whoever you're peeping. The only downside is nobody ever really looks directly at a light bulb, so you're never going to get anyone straight on. Otherwise it's not too bad.
If you want to keep the fact that you’ve got your house under watch a secret and want to do it very easily, this camera is, in my opinion, the best option out there. You can get one for $139.99 from


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