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Monday, June 11, 2007

SPY EQUIPMENT - Software Key Logger

SPY EQUIPMENT Key Logger is a program that captures and logs keystrokes as they are entered on the computer for the purpose of monitoring ot spying the user
Software key loggers lets you know EXACTLY what others do on your PC while you are away. It allow you to secretly monitor and record all activities on your computer, and this is completely legal. My favorite software key logger (there is also hardware key loggers) is the Power spy.

In Stealth Mode, Power Spy software is completely invisible to computer users - No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, Windows Task Manager, and no icons, shortcuts or other items. However, it is easy for you to unhide its main program Control Panel with your hotkey, view the record secretly from the CP on the monitored computer directly, or receive all logging records via a pre-set email! These reports can be sent as often as you wish, such as every sixty minutes. Power Spy software can be password protected to prevent others from terminating or uninstalling them.

Possible usages of Power Spy software include: monitoring employees, children, spouse, acquire others' passwords, chat records, websites visited and investigating crimes. While Power Spy software is the perfect tool for catching a cheating spouse, it is also perfect for long-term child monitoring.

Key Features
Record keystrokes typed
Record screenshots
Record websites visited
Record windows opened
Record applications run
Record documents opened
Record emails read in MS OE, MS Outlook 2K/XP/2003 /2007, Windows Vista WinMail and IncrediMail
Record Skype chatting conversation
Record Windows Live Messenger 8.X chatting conversation
Record Windows Messenger 5.X chatting conversation
Record MSN Messenger 6.X-7.X chatting conversation
Record Yahoo! IM 6.X-7.X chatting conversation
Record ICQ 5.X chatting conversation
Record AIM 5.X - 6.X Triton chatting conversation
Record Clipboard activities
Record Windows username
Record Power Spy software administrator activities
Record real time of activities
Support Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP sp2-4 / 2003 / Vista
Hide program installation folder
Hide uninstall entry in Add/Remove Programs list
Hide Start menu entry
Hide program name in Windows Task Manager
Hide program title on Taskbar
Hide program window on desktop
Stop screenshot when user is inactive
Compress image size in JPEG format
Set maximum images stored on computer
Easy step by step cofiguration wizard
Monitoring task schedule
Send logging report to a pre-set email
Upload report to a pre-set FTP
HTML format log
Uninstall directly from program interface
Remove program trace at uninstallation
Logging records overview
View screen shot images in slide show viewer
Activate from Stealth Mode by user defined hotkey
Password protected program access
Pause and resume monitoring manually
Automatically monitor at program startup
Automatically start at Windows startup
No entry in Windows Registry


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