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Sunday, March 04, 2007

X-ray spray, spy equipment of the week

X-ray spray win my "spy equipment of the week" :) Envelope X-Ray Spray, is supposed to let you spy on other people's mail. Envelope x-ray spray turns opaque paper temporarily translucent, enabling you to "see" what's inside and, in some cases, even read the contrents, without ever opening it.30 seconds after the application, the envelope will return to its original state, leaving absolutely no markings, discoloration, or other indications of spy equipment use. Non-conductive and non-photochemically reactive. This amazing spray was originally developed for the CIA to enable their field operatives to read the contents of envelopes without opening the envelope in any way. No need for "steaming" here. :) X-Ray Spray can also used to check suspect mail for evidence of letterbomb components, i.e. wires, triggers, etc.

Main Benifets of this weird spy equipmet:
Easy to Use
Fast and Reliable
Leaves no trace.
Envelope returns to orginal condition.
1 can = 60 envelopes
No marks or discolouration
Used by professionals


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