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Friday, December 08, 2006

Clasification of video spy surveillance systems

- Conventional analogue video spy surveillance systems – these are the relicts of the old technologies that do not meet the requirements of the current video surveillance systems. But sometimes there is a need for IP cameras to work alongside existing analogue video surveillance systems. Because of that some manufacturers include a standard composite video output, allowing seamless integration into existing analog video surveillance systems.
- Video spy surveillance systems based on webcam - these are very low cost (up to $100s),A PC based video surveillance system is ideal for monitoring your children at the kindergarten, your pets at home, front door, garage and your room, while you are away at work or on a vacation. All you need is your PC, a standard webcam and advanced surveillance software (there are many). Using this combination, you can manage to keep an eye on things, all the time and effortlessly. Remember , video surveillance systems based on webcam operate over INTERNET but provide image quality that is unacceptable for modern surveillance applications.
- Video surveillance systems based on IEEE802.11 (also known as the Wi-Fi standard. it denotes a set of modulation standards developed for wireless local area networks.) protocols – these systems provide relatively good quality of transmission for fixed applications, where Tx and Rx locations are fixed in line-of-sight positions. These systems are “bandwidth hungry” and operate only in the frequency bands specified by the standard (2.4 GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.7 GHz). Since these frequencies are allocated for unlicensed applications, their use for professional surveillance services is not safe and desirable.


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