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Monday, January 01, 2007

Tracking spy equipment

spy equipment tracking system
Phantom tracking system
This tracking spy equipment is state of the art GPS GSM tracking technology, with all the advantages that a sim card contract tracking system could provide, but have no contract! So the unit was totally covert and if found by somebody there would not be a sim card contract pointing to you!
There is a magnetic casing system available for total covert solutions, simply snap it onto the bottom of any target vehicle, the high powered magnets will secure the system and you will not need to return to the unit to re power for approximately 1 month ! The tracking is done through your web browser and also by your mobile phone, there are many features of this unit including movement notification and feature allowing you to listen to all voice conversations and sounds in the units area.But be careful, your target can find your spy equipment, under their vehicle on a routeen tyer change ;) .


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