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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spy equipment - Hardware key logger

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Hardware Key loggers can be used for Keystroke logging. They plug in between a computer keyboard and a computer and log all keyboard activity on an internal memory.
Hardware Key loggers come in two versions:

-As small devices about the size of a AA battery that are plugged in-line with your keyboard.
-As a normal looking keyboard with an internal key logger, or Trojan Keyboard.

They are designed to work with PS/2 keyboards, and more recently with USB keyboards.
Hardware key loggers have an advantage over software key loggers as they begin logging from the moment a computer is turned on (and are therefore able to collect a BIOS password for instance), and do not require software installation (unlike software solutions).
How do they work?
All hardware key loggers have to have the following:
A microcontroller - this interprets the datastream between the keyboard and computer, processes it, and passes it to the non-volatile memory
A non-volatile memory - this stores the recorded data, even when power is lost
On the whole the recorded data is retrieved by typing a special password into a computer text editor. As the hardware keylogger is plugged in-between the keyboard and computer, it detects the password has been typed and then starts presenting the computer with "typed" data to produce a menu.
These devices are spy equipment generally used by companies to monitor and spy employees, private investigators looking for evidence, or really serious identity thieves who want to keep track of what you do on your computer.
Hardware keyloggers are generally advertised as being better than software keyloggers because they are undetectable. This is true for the uneducated; however after reading this page you will be able to spot a hardware keylogger with ease!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What are wireless spy cameras?

What are wireless cameras are basically described as a wireless transmitter carrying a camera signal. The Camera is wireless and the signal travels between the camera and the receiver. This works much like radio. The sound you hear on a radio is wireless and you tune to a certain frequency and hear the sound. Wireless cameras have a channel also. The receiver has channels to tune in and then you get the picture. The wireless camera picture is sent by the transmitter the receiver collects this signal and out puts it to your TV and / or VCR..

Coolest spy equipment - part 1

voice recording spy equipment audio spy equipment

Spy Pen Digital Voice Recorder w/ Audio Player and recorder. Plug & Play USB Interface; With great Stereo Sound and Built-in Microphone this spy pen recorder has an extensive 70-hr Recording time. The Multi Music format Supported, Spy Pen Digital Voice Recorder w/ Audio Player & Built-in Twist Action Real Ballpoint Pen Recording Time 70 hours in ACT format. An excellent addition to your spy accessories.

Monday, October 23, 2006

New gadget in my spy equipment (spy wireless cameras)

I bought 250 dollars for 4 spy wireless cameras with X10 and I have not been disappointed. They have a range of around 100 meters and you can record video to your VCR. They are also fairly covert and the advanced ones have Infrared Vision ( Low light mode). If you are willing to pay 250 but only want 1-2 cameras you can get the setup with computer connect also so you can see whats happening in your home over the internet.

Wireless Hidden Camera Systems

Hidden Camera Systems are almost completely ready to use — right out of the box. You can easily set up to shoot and record video within 5 minutes — and it works with the TV,DVR, Camcorder and VCR you already have (Video in RCA Connector). Wireless Hidden Camera Systems are all-time best sellers because they’re irresistibly simple to use. And there are just so many innocent everyday objects to choose from, you’re sure to find something that would fit right into your home without anyone knowing. Just choose an object that would be easy for you to place in the area you wish to monitor. Hidden cameras may look like everything from stereos to teddy bears. It takes less than 5 minutes to completely set up. All you do is plug the device in (if it has a cord) or put batteries in it to get the camera running. Then attach the small receiver that comes included in your system to the VCR or TV you already own to start viewing and recording. Best advantage of hidden Wireless cameras is that you don’t have to buy any additional components (it’s a complete system), and no holes to drill or wires to hide, (it’s wireless).