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Friday, November 24, 2006

The easiest to maintain security camera

light bulb spy equipment
Its a great idea for spy camera
If you want a really neat and stealthy spy equipment to get home surveillance with minimal effort and no additional wires, this gadget could be for you. The Light Bulb Hidden Camera is an amazing little camera which is hidden inside a fake floodlight for easy and sneaky surveillance.
It’s very easy to install and works with any light bulb socket. Whether it is indoor or outdoor you simply screw it into the light socket and it can send the recorded video through your home’s wiring system to the receiving device such as a TV or VCR.
This is the easiest to maintain security camera I’ve ever seen since it is connected directly to your power supply so there’s no need for batteries and it doesn’t have to run wirelessly or require additional wires to send its video. You don’t even need to change your wiring system as it comes with a special decoder to receive the video and is then outputted as standard analog data which can be carried through RCA cables to your recording or viewing medium.
It’s also a great spy security camera for outdoor use since it looks just like a regular flood light, but also because it has night vision to let you catch prowlers at night. Since it's a light bulb, it'll always be light enough to get good spy shots on whoever you're peeping. The only downside is nobody ever really looks directly at a light bulb, so you're never going to get anyone straight on. Otherwise it's not too bad.
If you want to keep the fact that you’ve got your house under watch a secret and want to do it very easily, this camera is, in my opinion, the best option out there. You can get one for $139.99 from

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My choice for keylogging spy equipment

Ultimate spying equipment
KeyKatcher is the world’s primary device for capturing all key strokes made on a keyboard. Measuring about one inch in length, KeyKatcher fits on the end of the mouse cable directly into the PC. It is designated a "dead bug" as it does not emit any transmissions and can hold weeks of typed data. KeyKatcher can only be located through a visual search at the back of a PC, and is difficult to detect amongst the wires and cables. Since it stores keystrokes in a FLASH memory, you can record on one computer, unplug it, then read it out on another computer. This also means that no data will be lost in the event of a power outage, which makes the KEYKatcher a great backup device. There is no software to install in order to use this keylogging spy equpment . As soon as the KEYKatcher is properly plugged in, it's ready to record. The device is hugely popular in the security and corporate world, for it can gather data that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. However, it is also welcomed by worried parents who are concerned about their childrens use of the Internet. To retrieve the information, the user simply attaches the device to another computer and the typed data, codewords, messages and commands are instantly displayed. It is the ultimate spying device that comes at a very affordable price. The bigger the memory capacity, the more data can be stored. This spy equipment is a "must have" in your spy arsenal.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PI's favourite audio spy equipment

audio spy equipment - shotgun mic Shotgun mics are private investigator' s favourite audio spy equipment . Shotgun mic is a type of microphone with a long barrel and a narrow acceptance angle. Shotgun microphones are the most highly directional. They have small lobes of sensitivity to the left, right, and rear but are significantly more sensitive to the front. This results from placing the element inside a tube with slots cut along the side; wave-cancellation eliminates most of the off-axis noise. Shotgun microphones are commonly used on TV and film sets, and for location recording of wildlife, they are also used for audio spying and surveillance.
And here is my favourite
The unit is a highly directional soundlocating microphone with an internal high quality amplifier and earphone monitor. High quality miniature 'electret' condenser microphone Supercardiod pick-up pattern. Isolate and pick-up distant sounds. Small,
lightweight and compact; power supply uses a standard UM-4 battery with easy replacement. Sound levels adjustable by volume knob. Mounting hardware for use with binoculars or video cameras. The unit comes with the Micro Supercardiod Mic with built-in Amplifier, wind shield, inner-ear phones and battery.

Monday, November 20, 2006

GSM base jammer (anti spy equipment)

The GSM base Jammer is a state of the art GSM jamming unit that is able to continually jamm GSM & mobile phone transmissions with out the need to be switched off for charging. This Base unit GSM jammer will provide no phone zone to any cell phone or GSM device within its perimeter, the unit has a heat sink surrounding it to dissipate any heat generated by long term use, it is ideal for a variety of applications and will secure any area from GSM or cell based spy equipment. The unit can also be used for a variety of applications outside of security, It could be used in a working environment where employees where restricted from using personal mobile phones in work time, simply switch it on and of as required. The base jammer is a very powerful system for long term operation and will not become unstable under heat conditions. The unit is very comprehensive and reliable; it is designed to be used in a static location possible a room or venue. There have been clients who have purchased this unit and stepped up the power in their car from 12v to 210v ac with a transducer readily available from any good car accessory centre, this renders the unit as an excellent mobile jamming unit, ideal for disabling any GSM tracking device etc.

Wireless camera locators

This is a "must have" spy equipment
This units are a professional wireless camera hunter,they will automatically lock onto all wireless camera signals in the area.There are many types of Wireless camera locators. Some of them have an auto or manual selection switch which can be selected by the user and is ideal for any counter surveillance operative on a bug sweep, or any one in need of quick wireless camera detection on the move, camera locators are also ideal for stationary use in any building or area.The cheap ones are very reliable systems and they performs to the highest level every time.